Patient Experience Innovation Asia 2020 Summit

This regional two-day conference brings together global decision-makers, thought leaders, visionaries, disruptors as well as technology pioneers’ providers to discuss regarding the future of value-based healthcare where various global leaders will share their journey and industrial insights. From dedicated solution zones to curated meetings, thought-provoking discussions creating an ecosystem for you to engage with the right decision-makers in a way that permits you to deliver a compelling business case. The event will have different streams focusing on healthcare organizations with a foundational culture of patient experience excellence.

Key Session Topic

· Examine regulatory requirements to measure and publicly report patient experience outcomes

· Know how to improve PX measures through greater consistency of behaviours aligned with patient experience excellence

· Define service recovery

· Identify the critical components of a service recovery moment or encounter

· Find the connection between their values, purpose and personal strengths, and the contributions they make to the experience of patients and their families

· Recognize the impact of empathy or “caring about” patients when “caring for” them

· Apply the 3 Cs when demonstrating empathy (Care, Connect, Communicate)

· Learn the value of giving their full attention to patients and their family members

· Identify the do’s and don’ts of verbal and non-verbal communication when showing patients that they care


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